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Horeca Consulting

 Restaurant, Pub, Coffee shop, Hotel Consulting

   The restaurant management, technological flow, the right kitchen equipment, choosing the right suppliers, are just a few factors that can make major differences in a restaurant. Let's get to know and talk about your restaurant's kitchen.


The small details make the difference in your event

  Quality is the basic principle of my philosophy.

The menus are personalized to meet the culinary preferences of the customers and to match the event. 

Private Chef

You deserve to be pampered!

    Do you want to spoil your taste buds? A private chef is exactly what you need to create the perfect atmosphere.

Live cooking is like the theater. It will bring you a lot of feelings and will carry you on a journey that will give you a special experience.


Let's relax and cook together!

   We'll cook delicious dishes and learn how to have fun in the kitchen. Discover the chef inside you with Chef Alex Rada in a culinary workshop that will bring you satisfaction and relaxation.

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