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Buffet & Bar

The small details make the big differences in your event

The catering services offered by Chef Alex Rada and his team are differentiated by the tasty and healthy food, creativity, flexibility and presentation at high standards.

    Regardless of your event, we promise you that our preparations will bring important values: Corporate events, cocktail parties, festive meals, coffee breaks, weddings, christenings or birthdays, catering lunch for companies (20+ menus), catering "at the pot" ”, Catering schools, kindergartens, nurseries, children's parties.


   For your event to emerge from the classic banal patterns and to provide an unforgettable experience for your guests, we recommend an extra energy through a culinary experience. You can choose one of the options below or you can contact us to personalize the right experience for you.


- Donut wall

- Seafood Bar

- Cheese bar, Cheese cake, Cheese fountain

- Buffet aperitif

- Pizza buffet

- Lemonade bar

- Tea bar

- Fruit bar

- Buffet sandwich

- Marshmallows station

- And more ...


     Our team cooks with passion and as a result the products and services offered are to the highest standard: tasty, qualitative preparations and superior catering services that adapt to the requirements and the client's budget. Our preparations are prepared with great care from fresh ingredients and without unhealthy additions.


     To make your event unique and to remind you of the future, we offer personalized solutions. Write me something about yourself, and I will personalize a dining experience for your event. You and your guests deserve to be spoiled!

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