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Consultanta Horeca

Restaurant, Bistro, Pub, Fast Food, Food Truck, Catering, Hotel, Cafenea

A successful Restaurant needs a properly implemented management

   We have the ability and experience to help create a successful business.

As you well know, any project is successful if there is a properly implemented management.

   The HORECA range is a sensitive one, so our team adapts to business and customer wishes, personalizing the services according to the project. Each location needs a certain strategy to grow and become profitable in the long run.


   We are at your disposal both to open a new location or to re-evaluate and reorganize an existing location.


  We are a team of professionals who combine management, marketing elements and gastronomy to find the balance that a restaurant needs. 

Our customers are very important to us, that's why we want you to grow, and for that we have the necessary means and strategies.


  • Consultancy in choosing the right location for the type of business you want

  • Location and project rating

  • Assistant in kitchen equipments and equipment as well as recommendation of the best equipment solutions

  • Choosing the kitchen equipment and machinery

  • Organization and implementation of the technological flow

  • HACCP and Sanitary Veterinary Authorization

  • Choice of suppliers and raw materials

  • Creating and implementing a personalized menu based on your cuisine and location

  • Food design & plating 

  • Implementation of management and accounting software

  • Recruitment and selection of qualified staff

  • Training the kitchen staff

  • Raising the professional level of the business

  • Implement and improve the work system and streamline it for maximum return

  • Managing the kitchen

  • Inventory control

  • Detecting losses and preventing them



    Our team boasts with many successful projects after alot of work and dedication. We offer the right services and think about sustainable strategies over time. We are innovative and aware of the fact that the Horeca field has a continuous development. We are also documented in terms of current tranceing, always being mindful of new technologies that help our partners to grow.


For existing projects we propose the analysis, evaluation and the following development strategies:


* Location, Business, and Brand Assessment

* Personal evaluation

* Customers rating

* Personal training as well as recruitment and selection

* Raising the professional level of the unit

* Adaptation to current torting in Horeca

* Efficiency of the working mode to give maximum yield

* Organization and implementation of the technological flow

* Implementing new work systems or improving existing ones

* Update the menu

* Choice of new suppliers and raw materials

* Food design & plating to bring the menu items to a superior visual level.

* Implementation of management and accounting software

* Raising the professional level of the business

* Kitchen management

* Inventory control

* Loss detection and prevention


We make food businesses succeed!

Do you need advice or information? We are at your disposal at 0742189902

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