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   Every project is unique and special in its own way. I like to dedicate myself and make a passion for the projects I am involved in.

   I’ve learned from my work in Romania and the USA that each project needs attention and dedication to grow and become profitable.


    Creating a menu that matches the project and the cuisine theme is just the cherry on the cake.

     The technological flow, proper kitchen equipment and choosing the right suppliers are just a few elements that influence an Horeca business.


    The decision to call a consultant chef will stop you from losing money and time and help you develop and grow a successful business.



I am very pleased with the services I received.

Delicious food and charismatic chef.

Razvan Bolovan, La Trattoria


At your service

Tel: +40-742-189-902    |  Email: alex@alexrada.ro

Tell me something about your restaurant, event or project and I will start creating the right menu.
Preparate Chef Alex Rada
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Tel: +40-742-189-902 | Email: alex@alexrada.ro


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